Lone tree, wispy clouds, nordhouse dunes, ludington, roots

Stubborn — Sleeping Bear Point

The Fallen — Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive

Deer Departed

Winter, drift, snow, white, farmhouse, Port Oneida, shadows, Peter Burfiend

The Color of Cold — Port Oneida — Burfiend Farm

In the window of the Life Saving Service museum  in Glen Haven. A model of an old Life Saving Service boat. Coast Guard

Lifesaving — Life Saving Station Museum — Glen Haven

Stump, Cloud, Sleeping Bear Point, Black and White, Simple, Ghost Forest

The Stump and the Cloud — Sleeping Bear Point

Winter, Pine tree, beech leaves, Hoffmaster State Park

Leaving — Hoffmaster State Park


Bend — Petoskey State Park

Living on the Edge — Hoffmaster State Park

Holding Pattern — Petoskey State Park

History Lesson — Port Oneida — Schmidt Farm

The Long Shadow — Sleeping Bear Point

Deep Shadows — Good Harbor Bay Trail

Pine Plantation, wide angle, late winter, shadows, Black and White

Out of Line — Port Oneida

Log, laying in beachgrass, Lake Michigan, wavy, windy, storm, Hoffmaster State Park

The Giant Sleeps — Hoffmaster State Park

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