Lone tree, wispy clouds, nordhouse dunes, ludington, roots


The Fallen — Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive

Hunting Camp, Trailer, Forest, blind, winter, snow, trees, Northern Michigan

Deer Departed

Winter, drift, snow, white, farmhouse, Port Oneida, shadows, Peter Burfiend

The Color of Cold

In the window of the Life Saving Service museum  in Glen Haven. A model of an old Life Saving Service boat. Coast Guard


Stump, Cloud, Sleeping Bear Point, Black and White, Simple, Ghost Forest

The Stump and the Cloud

Winter, Pine tree, beech leaves, Hoffmaster State Park




Living on the Edge

Holding Pattern

History Lesson

The Long Shadow

Deep Shadows

Pine Plantation, wide angle, late winter, shadows, Black and White

Out of Line

Log, laying in beachgrass, Lake Michigan, wavy, windy, storm, Hoffmaster State Park

The Giant Sleeps

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