Panorama, sleeping bear point, manitou passage, Twilight, morning, Islands

The Second Day

A panorama of Sleeping Bear point at Sunset as a storm passes through

Rising Storm

As the sun arises over Port Oneida the Manitou Passage lights up

Dawn at Sleeping Bear point

Pre-dawn glow at Sleeping Bear Point


Panorama, sleeping bear point, manitou passage, Twilight, evening, Islands

On Point

The sun comes up over Glen Arbor and lights up the dunes at Sleeping Bear Point

Morning Magic

Sunset in a swale at Sleeping Bear Point

Point Cradle

Sleeping Bear Point view at sunset and the beauty of shadows


After the sun sets over Lake Michigan the glow remains in the waves and sky

Five Minutes after Sunset

An overhead panorama of the sky at Pyramid Point — Blue sky, wispy clouds

Pyramind Point

The wind etches the dune and leaves behind gravel debris

Left Behind

Sunrise at Sleeping Bear Point

a Panorama of a dune blowout and Good Harbor Bay from atop the dune just east of Pyramid Point

Good Harbor Bay from the Pyramid Alt Trail

The amazing light during the sunset hour at Empire Beach

An Empire Sunset

Waves of color as the sun sets at Empire Beach

Have You Seen the Light — Lake Michigan at Empire Beach

Moving North

After the Wind

Follow Me

Etched Dune

Spring, Tree buds, Color, Port Oneida, Panorama, Farm, Fields, grass, Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore

Oneida Spring

Looking South from Sleeping Bear Point toward the ghost forest with evening light

Early Snow

A series of textures that lie beneath a sunrise sky at Sleeping Bear Point


A Vertical panorama of a sand ridge that leads to Pyramid Point — from atop Sleeping Bear Point

The Long Haul

Looking out over Lake Michigan from the overlook on the Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive — January light

Emerald Smile

A sunset from the overlook on the Pierce Stocking scenic drive at Sleeping Bear Dunes

I Don't Make Sunsets

Comet Neowise and the aurora borealis at Sleeping Bear Point

Neowise on Sleeping Bear Point

Aurora Panorama at the Point

The top of a blowout dune at Hoffmaster StatePark on Lake Michigan. Morning shadows lay across the surface of the dune's saddle

Bob's Dune

A wave hits the ice ridge on Lake Michigan and bouncers back toward the next wave creating a bounce back wave peak

Mt Fuji 

"Maytag" conditions on Lake Michigan create a churning, boiling surf that pulls up the sandy bottom of the lake


A windy day on Lake Michigan sets up rows of waves and a broad beach with morning sky reflections


Wetlands, swap, reflections, bent reeds, Spring, red buds, Peterson Road


A sandbar on Sleeping Bear Bay in the moments before sunrise


Sleeping bear point, December, wave rolling, turquoise, storm, manitou passage

December Wave

Sleeping bear point, sunrise sky, red colors, painted, dunes, morning

Solstice Fire

Roots, cedar tree, fallen, winter, Stream, Harbor Springs


Evening sky, sturgeon Bay, Lake Michigan, painted clouds, calm water

Sturgeon Twilight

Marking Time

Sleeping bear point, Manitou Passage, Twilight sky, evening, grasses, poplar trees

Manitou Twilight

The sky mimics the earth on the dunes

The Art of the Curve

The Pierce Stocking Scenic Overlook just before Sunset. Beautiful Sky Portrait

Sky Painting

The Pierce Stocking Scenic Overlook just before Sunset. Beautiful Sky Portrait

Soft Sunset

The sun sets over the Manitou Passage as a cloud rises over the Manitou Islands. 180° Panorama

Point Panorama

Port Oneida, sleeping bear dunes, farmland, meadows, Farm houses, Barns, sleeping bear point

Oneida Meadows

South Manitou Island Lighthouse, Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, panorama, summer

From the Lighthouse 360° — South Manitou

The shoreline of Lake Michigan with magnetite and garnet sand. vertical panorama


180° panorama overhead at Sleeping Bear Point, Manitou Passage, skyscape, morning, dawn, reflection

An Artist's Overhead

The sand bluffs of Sleeping Bear Point. Into the water and the moon above

Point Slide

A stand of poplars on Platte Bay at sunset

Tuscany on Platte Bay

A vertical panorama fro the breaking of a wave at the beach to the cloudy/moody sky overhead. Rain clouds and moderate surf on Lake Michigan

October Lake

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