The Manitou Passage with early morning light at Sleeping Bear Dunes


The remnants of winter move through the Manitou Passage

Manitou Islands — Late Winter

A calm evening on the Manitou Passage — Sunset glow and alpenglow.

Evening in the Manitou Passage

Sunrise on the Manitou Passage — The sky glows over the turquoise waters

The Twins — Manitou Islands

From the Pierce Stocking Overlook bluff a snow squall moves across Lake Michigan

Snow Moving In — Pierce Stocking Overlook

Pancake ice flows through the Manitou Passage — A flock of waterfowl  — South Manitou Island

The Last Ice — Pancake Ice in the Manitou Passage

Sleeping Bear Point, Evening, Manitiou islands,  ripples, Manitou Passage, Cloudy

Blue Manitou — Sleeping Bear Point

After sunset hues at Sleeping Bear point

The Arc

Waves glance off Sleeping Bear Point after sunset

To the Right of Sunset

Beach willows turn Red on the bluffs of Lake Michigan near the Treat Farm Trail

Willows — Treat Farm Trail

At Sleeping Bear Point the constant wind bends the tall grass on an Autumn morning

Bent — Sleeping Bear Point

At Sleeping Bear Point overlooking the Manitou Passage

The Passage and Ghosts

On the Pierce Stocking Drive Lake Michigan Overlook you can climb a small dune and look east toward the Glen Lakes.

Looking Back — Pierce Stocking Lake Michigan Overlook

After Sunset the Manitou Passage

Melt into Manitou

A panorama of Platte Bay at Sunset

Platte Bay

At Sleeping Bear Point a gale force wind leaves it's impressions in the crown of the dunes — early morning light

Wind Whipped — Sleeping Bear Point

Expanse — Platte Bay

Manitou Moonset 

Looking toward the Manitou Islands past the Sleeping Moma Bear

The Moma Bear

A weathered poplar tree holds a pyramid of sand in place atop the dunes

Hanging On

A 270 degree panorama atop Sleeping Bear Point at Sunrise


The moon sets as the first rays of sunlight hit the dunes. Looking at the Manitou Passage

Unreal — Manitou Passage

A Sunset at the overlook on the Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive at Sleeping Bear Dunes

I Don't Make Sunsets — Pierce Stocking Overlook

A deep sunset from Pyramid Point

After a Crazy Day

A willow tree immersed in water along North Bar Lake at Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore

High Water Willows

A large cloud hangs in the sky at the Lake Michigan Overlook on the Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive

Lucy in the Sky — Pierce Stocking Scenic Overlook

A view of the boardwalk leaving the Lake Michigan Overlook on the Pierce Stocking Drive. Beautiful Wispy Clouds

Recession — Pierce Stocking Scenic Overlook

The first morning light hits Sleeping Bear Point and the Manitou Islands, Beautiful textures in the shadows

Just a Touch — Sleeping Bear Point

A wind ravaged dunescape on Sleeping Bear Point

Worn Out

Autumn on the Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive.  A combination of movement and static images showcases the beech and pine forests along the drive.

Pierce Stocking Autumn Drive

At the base of the dune climb lives this ancient maple that has sheltered many a climber. This autumn view  presents the beautiful yellow/red foliage of a maple tree.

Dune Climb Maple — Sleeping Bear Dune Climb

This birch stands high on Mount Baldy near the Treat Homestead south of Empire. The Turquoise waters of Lake Michigan provide a backdrop

Mt Baldy Birch — Treat Farm Trail

Gale force winds blow across Sleeping Bear Point

Singing Sand — Sleeping Bear Point

Lake Michigan, boardwalk, Petersen beach, weathered boards

Weathered — Peterson Beach

Pyramid point, sand dune, autumn, morning, Willows

The Cradle — Pyramid Point

Wetlands, Platte River, swamp, reflection

Mid-Century Modern — Platte Wetlands

Sleeping bear point, winter, Sand dune, morning sky, texture

Winter Break — Sleeping Bear Point

Sand dune, shadow, turquoise, Aqua, sleeping bear point

Moonshadow — Sleeping Bear Point

Frost, dune, sunrise, patterns, Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore

Dragon Skin Hill  — Sleeping Bear Point

Early morning on Sleeping Bear Bay near Glen Arbor, MI

Sandbar — Sleeping Bear Bay

A 180° panorama of the forest canopy and the ceiling of the Cathedral of St Stephan in Metz, France

Cathedral — Pyramid Point Trail and Metz, France

Spring, marl, cedars, otter creek, sunlight

Marl Spring — Otter Creek

Panorama, sleeping bear point, manitou islands, winter, clouds, sculpting

Sand Symphony — Sleeping Bear Point

Wave, Stones, Sunset, Orange, reflection, sleeping bear dunes

Pulling Back — Sleeping Bear Point

Pre-dawn light fills the sky and waters of the Manitou Passage at Sleeping Bear Point

Passage 7

Looking out toward the Manitou Islands from Sleeping Bear Point before dawn

Passage 8

Looking out over the Manitou Islands near sunset with whispy clouds overhead

Colors of the Passage

The Twins — Manitou Islands

Poplar trees, Wind, sleeping bear dunes, sleeping bear point, Impressionism

Poplar Applause — Sleeping Bear Point

Sleeping bear point, trail, grass, poplars, trees

Direction — Sleeping Bear Point

ghost forest, sleeping bear point, clouds, skyscape, winter

Ghosts — Sleeping Bear Point

Manitou islands, Lake boat, lighthouse, Lake Michigan, manitou passage, sleeping bear point

Fast Laker — Manitou Passage

Grasses, Beach grass, Sunset, Wind, sleeping bear point

Life — Sleeping Bear Point

Window, log cabin, kitchen, boekeloo, sleeping bear dunes

Boekeloo — Boekeloo Lodge

Sleeping bear dunes, sleeping bear point, Gale, Wind, waves, Sunset

Manitou Madness — Sleeping Bear Point

Panorama, winter, sleeping bear point, textures, sunrise, manitou islands

Expectations — Sleeping Bear Point

Sleeping bear point, Grass, shadows, winter, sunrise

Warm Winter — Sleeping Bear Point

Sleeping bear point, pyramid, dune, erosion, early spring

Ziggurat — Sleeping Bear Point

Sleeping bear point, Wind, drifting, winter, manitou islands, textures

Clean — Sleeping Bear Point

Sleeping bear point, Wind, drifting, winter, manitou islands, textures

Sugar Cookie — Sleeping Bear Point

Gail force winds, manitou islands, waves, spray, Sunset, sleeping bear point

Manitou Gale — Sleeping Bear Point

Sleeping bear point, winter, erosion, drifting, sculpted

Forged — Sleeping Bear Point

Layers, Snow, winter, sleeping bear point, pyramid point, sunrise

Winter Bear

Sunrise, orange, brilliant, wind effects, sculpting, erosion, Pyramid Point


After Sunset, sky, Sleeping Bear Point,  painted, grasses, Manitou islands

Twilight Sky

Manitou Islands, Manitou Passage, skyscape, morning, twilight, clouds, Sleeping Bear Point

Manitou Sky

Sleeping Bear Point, dunes, Vertical, Panorama, morning, wispy clouds

Bear Claw

Sunrise, Scarlet Sky, Clods, Sleeping Bear Bay, waves, Twilight

Lake on Fire

Beach grass, storm, moon, Manitou Passage,  Clouds, Leelanau, Glen Arbor

Soft Morning

Sleeping Bear Point, Beach grass, wind morning, Venus, crescent moon, Sleeping Bear Bay, Alligator Hill

Venus Rises

Autumn, Poplars, Windy, Sleeping Bear Point,  Golden, Windswept

Wind 7

Alligator Hill trail Overlook, Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, Sleeping Bear Bay, Manitou Islands, Sunrise

Alligator Hill before Dawn

Alligator Hill trail Overlook, Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, Sleeping Bear Bay, Manitou Islands, Sunrise


The foreground shows a blade of grass curled in the sand and another blade etching marks in the sand. The Background is the Manitou Islands at dawn


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