yellow lady's slipper, orchid, woodlands, northern michigan, Harbor Springs

Yellow Slippers

Bellwort under the spring sun  and forest canope



Marsh Marigolds, wetlands, swamp, stream, yellow, depth

The Marsh

wild iris, yellow, forget-me-nots, wetlands, reeds, harbor springs


Water Lilies in Narada Lake at Sleeping Bear Dunes

Water Lily Trio

spring beauties, pink, candy striped, woodlands, sleeping bear dunes

Spring Beauty

A Columbine blossom along the Treet Farm Trail


A Solomon's seal blossom along the Treet Farm trail

False Solomons Seal

A solitary white violet among the foliage


New leaves emerging from a stem

Not a Flower

A trillium blooms under the springtime forest conopy


Wild Leeks, woods, spring, backlit, sun,


Lonely Blossom

Dutchman's Breeches, Squirrel corn, forest, woodlands, sleeping bear dunes

Dutchman's Breeches

Black-eyed susan, butterfly, checkerspot, michigan, grasses

Black-eyed Butterfly

Petoskey State Park, Haze, Fog, Dune, Wildflower, Yellow, Hoary Puccoon, Cedum

Hoary Puccoon

Showy Lady's Slipper, orchid, ditch, wetlands, pink, white, reeds


Cardinals on the Crystal

dunes, beach pea, blossom, sky, morning, painted, vine

Wild Pea 

The setting sun shines through the blossoms of a wildflower on the beach

The Light Right Through Me

Spring Beauties pop up through the mat of leaves on the forest floor, wildflowers

First Beauty

Wildflowers, hepatica, bent, backlit, leaves, foliage, forest Floor

Luminary Hepatica 

Hepatica on the forest floor

Dance of the Hepatica


Movement, two-track, dirt road, trilliums, spring, Sleeping Bear Dunes, woodlands, trees

Trillium Trail

Roses along the Crystal River at Sleeping Bear Dunes

Crystal Rose

Leaf caught in beachgrass, poplar, autumn, sleeping bear dunes, sand


Apple Blossom, pink, red, white, heritage apple, spring

Apple Blossem

Dutchman's Breeches, backlit, impressionistic, foliage, spring, Sleeping Bear Dunes

Dutchman's Woods

trillium, woodlands, sunset, forest, movement

Evening Trillium 

Squirrel Corn

Jack-in-the-Pulpit, wildflower, foliage, B&W, Sleeping Bear Dunes


Bluets, stream, floating, wildflowers, grasses

Stream Edge

The morning sun lights up a pink Lady's Slipper on a bed of pine needles


A pink lady's Slipper rises above the  forest floor. Backlit, Vertical


Orchids, pink, Woods, Lady's Slipper, Michigan

Pine Woods Pinks

Wild Strawberry, blossoms, buds, rain, droplets, foliage


butterfly, cabbage, wildflower, cut leaf toothwort Sleeping Bear Dunes, buds,


Star Flower, woods, foliage, white, Sleeping Bear Dunes, depth

Star Flower

Orchid, Lady's Slipper, pink, wildflower, Sleeping Bear Dunes

Orchid Profile


A milkweed blossom, partial blossom, foliage, dune, Hoffmaster State Park


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