Agawa Rock Pictographs, Canada, Lake Superior

Stone Stories

Scallop shells stacked along the ocean on Grand Manan Island, New Brunswick


A semi-circle of blue chairs at the Thoreson Farm in Port Oneida

Blue Chairs

Port Oneida

St Stephan's Cathedral in Metz France in combination with a trail at Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore


Surreal combination of a gas tank from a junked Model A and a bike seat and a butterfly


A Combination of textures from the dunes, waters, and boardwalks at Sleeping Bear


Tin Surf

Autumn leaves gather on the steps of a walkway with stained cement

Glorious Memories

A series of natural textures below the morning sky at Sleeping Bear point


A new way to look at a mature Pine Plantation


Combination of Facades in Edinburgh Scotland — near the Elephant House Cafe


A Deer skull found near the Presque Isle River in Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park, MI


A surreal interpretation of sand and stone and skeletal remains at South Manitou Island


Iron deposits in the beach sand create an abstract composition when swirled in the surf wash


An impressionist impression of the Manitou Passage from Sleeping Bear point.

The Passage Impression

Rothko Moon

Combination of images formed from a corn Crib, butterfly and a vine in the Port Oneida Area of Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore

Store Up for Yourselves

Combination of images from Grand Manan Island, New Brunswick, Canada


Ice pushed up on the shore by the wind at Petoskey State Park, Michigan


The Boathouse at Ephraim Harbor on the Door Peninsula, Wisconsin

The Boathouse

The Rain moves in across the lake at Sleeping Bear Point, Glen Haven, Michigan


The Sun sets through a haze caused by western wildfires at Sleeping Bear Point, Glen Haven, Michigan

Light Field

Padlocks on a cable, love, commitment


Sculpture by Anibre Bannon, France, D-day, Omaha Beach, WWII, American Army, Landing

Leas Braves — Omaha Beach, Normandy

Religion, faith, sunrise, Christianity, dunes, butterfly, clouds, island, Sleeping Bear Dunes


Long Wash — Lake Michigan

Outside a Cafe window in Haarlem, Netherlands, the morning rush of bikes.

Rush Hour in Haarlem

Samples of glass colors at the glass blowing school in Leerdam, Netherlands


Container ships and refineries at the port of Antwerp, Belgium


An old Tree along a pasture in West Linton, Scotland

Enchanted Tree

An old stone wall that borders a pasture in West Linton, Scotland

Stone Wall

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