Manitou islands, Lake Michigan, sleeping bear point, pre-dawn, afterglow

Islands — Sleeping Bear Point

Manitou islands, Lake Michigan, sleeping bear point, pre-dawn, afterglow

Summer Islands — Sleeping Bear Point

Manitou Passage, Wind picks up, waves, Lake Michigan,  Turquoise, blue, evening, Sleeping Bear point

The Wind Picks Up — Sleeping Bear Point

The first light of a new day touches the Manitou Passage

Home — Sleeping Bear Point

Manitou Islands, evening, Manitou Passage, Cloud overhead, calm, Lake Michigan, weather

Sky Island — Sleeping Bear Point

Sleeping Bear point, Skyscape, clouds, morning, dawn, Manitou Passage, Lake Michigan

The Sky Stops Here — Sleeping Bear Point

A series of waves approach the shore on Lake Michigan at sunset

Awakened — Glen Haven

The colors and patterns of Lake Michigan  show themselves before dawn  from near the overlook on the Pierce Stocking  scenic drive.

Shape Note — Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive

Gale force winds blow back the waves at Sleeping Bear Point

Manitou Meltdown — Sleeping Bear Point

Sleeping bear bay, storm, angry clouds, wave, backlit

Storm — The Prelude — Petoskey State Park

Water and ice crash the beach as warmer weather breaks up the ice along Lake Michigan

The Break-up — Hoffmaster State Park

A Panorama of frozen North Bar Lake in early February

High Winter at North Bar — Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore

Underwater, Stones, wave break, sunshine, morning

Morning Break — Glen Haven

Twilight, wave, soft, Lake Michigan, Moon, afterglow, North bar lake

A Wave at Twilight — North Bar Beach, Sleeping Bear Dunes

Sailboat moving through the golden waters near sunset. Images from the Pierce Stocking Scenic Overlook on Lake Michigan, Sunset sky

Sailing — Pierce Stocking Overlook

Shoreline, contours, wave action, sound, Petoskey State Park, evening

Contours — Petoskey State Park

Little Traverse Bay, ice, sculpture, Twilight, Petoskey State Park

The Last Ice — Petoskey State Park

Task a state park, small waves, sandbar, Little Traverse Bay, Stream, textures

Soundings — Petoskey State Park

Twilight, Lake Michigan, sleeping bear point, ice, sun rays,

Break — Sleeping Bear Point

Platte bay, dunes, thunderheads, clouds, Petersen beach, Impressionism

Platte Bay Dunes — Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore

Surf, Lake Michigan, sunrise, turquoise, Orange, wave break

Navajo Morning — Sleeping Bear Dunes

A front moves across Lake Michigan bringing a change in the weather.

New Weather — Sleeping Bear Dunes

Liquid, sunrise, clouds, reflection, ripples, Lake Michigan

Liquid — Sturgeon Bay, Wilderness State Park

Shoreline, Lakes edge, Sunset, Close up, wave record

Lightwave — Petoskey State Park

A sandbar on Sleeping Bear Bay in the pre-dawn stillness

Sandbar — Glen Haven

Sunset, ice, Little Traverse Bay, cloud, last Ice

Connection — Petoskey State Park

Sleeping bear point, ice flow, manitou island, lake Michigan, waves, mid-day

Flow — Sleeping Bear Point

Little Traverse Bay, Ice, Sunset, sculpture, twilight, Lake Michigan, Petoskey State Park

Magic Lamp — Petoskey State Park

Sturgeon Bay, Lake Michigan, Wilderness State Park, waves, sunset, clouds

Sturgeon Bay Lines — Wilderness State Park

Petoskey State Park, ice, Sunset, sculptural, calm, little traverse bay

Ice Cloud — Petoskey State Park

Fisherman's Island State Park, sunrise, shallow, ripples, water flow, cloud

Crescent Bay — Fisherman's Island State Park

October — Sleeping Bear Point

November — Sleeping Bear Point

Waves on Lake Michigan being blown back by gale force winds from the south.

Rooster Tail — Sleeping Bear Point — Glen Haven

Waves crash with a flourish at Sleeping Bear point when the wind is from the south.

Rooster Tails at the Beach — Sleeping Bear Point

Travel — Hoffmaster State Park

Double Break — Sleeping Bear Point

The shallows of Sturgeon Bay which is part of Wilderness State Park. Stormy Skies, Ripples in the sand, sandbar

I Am an Island — Sturgeon Bay, Wilderness State Park

A flooded park after a heavy rain, reflections of the trees in the puddles

Hold Me Close — Hoffmaster State Park

After a heavy Spring rain the stream overflows its banks and water forms a whirlpool as is rushes down a culvert

Whirlpool — Hoffmaster State Park

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