Manitou islands, Lake Michigan, sleeping bear point, pre-dawn, afterglow


Manitou islands, Lake Michigan, sleeping bear point, pre-dawn, afterglow

Islands — summer

Manitou Passage, Wind picks up, waves, Lake Michigan,  Turquoise, blue, evening, Sleeping Bear point

The Wind Picks Up

Manitou Islands, evening, Manitou Passage, Cloud overhead, calm, Lake Michigan, weather

Sky Island

Sleeping Bear point, Skyscape, clouds, morning, dawn, Manitou Passage, Lake Michigan

The Sky Stops Here

A series of waves approach the shore on Lake Michigan at sunset


Sleeping bear bay, storm, angry clouds, wave, backlit

Storm — The Prelude

Underwater, Stones, wave break, sunshine, morning

Morning Break

Twilight, wave, soft, Lake Michigan, Moon, afterglow, North bar lake

A Wave at Twilight

Sailboat moving through the golden waters near sunset. Images from the Pierce Stocking Scenic Overlook on Lake Michigan, Sunset sky


Shoreline, contours, wave action, sound, Petoskey State Park, evening


Little Traverse Bay, ice, sculpture, Twilight, Petoskey State Park

The Last Ice

Task a state park, small waves, sandbar, Little Traverse Bay, Stream, textures


Twilight, Lake Michigan, sleeping bear point, ice, sun rays,


Platte bay, dunes, thunderheads, clouds, Petersen beach, Impressionism

Platte Bay Dunes

Sleeping bear point, ripples, sanddune, manitou passage, Lake boat, manitou islands, evening


Surf, Lake Michigan, sunrise, turquoise, Orange, wave break

Navajo Morning

Sandbar, morning, Moon, Venus, calm, sleeping bear bear, Twilight


Liquid, sunrise, clouds, reflection, ripples, Lake Michigan


Shoreline, Lakes edge, Sunset, Close up, wave record


Sunset, ice, Little Traverse Bay, cloud, last Ice


Sleeping bear point, ice flow, manitou island, lake Michigan, waves, mid-day


Little Traverse Bay, Ice, Sunset, sculpture, twilight, Lake Michigan, Petoskey State Park

Magic Lamp

Sturgeon Bay, Lake Michigan, Wilderness State Park, waves, sunset, clouds

Sturgeon Bay Lines

Petoskey State Park, ice, Sunset, sculptural, calm, little traverse bay

Ice Cloud

Fisherman's Island State Park, sunrise, shallow, ripples, water flow, cloud

Crescent Bay



Waves on Lake Michigan being blown back by gale force winds from the south.

Rooster Tail — Sleeping Bear Point

Waves crash with a flourish at Sleeping Bear point when the wind is from the south.

Rooster Tails at the Beach — Sleeping Bear Point


Double Break

The shallows of Sturgeon Bay which is part of Wilderness State Park. Stormy Skies, Ripples in the sand, sandbar

I Am an Island

A flooded park after a heavy rain, reflections of the trees in the puddles

Hold Me Close

After a heavy Spring rain the stream overflows its banks and water forms a whirlpool as is rushes down a culvert


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