A Jack Pine nestled in the back dunes at Hoffmaster State Park

The Nest

The rising Lake levels approach the Lake Tree in winter. A new coat of snow and a ray of sunlight set the scene


The Lake Tree holds on to its root mound as the surf erodes the beach. The sun forms a halo in the icy clouds of late winter


A cold morning produces icicles on the exposed roots of the Lake Tree.


Reflection of the Lake Tree in the rising surf on a wintry day.


An icy ledge forms along the shore of Lake Michigan, holding back the relentless wave action. Hoffmaster State Park, winter


A reflection of the Lake Tree in thew sweeping waves of Lake Michigan. Black & White, Hoffmaster State Park

Just a Shadow of Myself

A vertical panorams of an icy, bright winter morning. Icew clinging to the roots of the Lake Tree. The tree overhead framed in the bright blue sky.

Popsicle Toes

The Lake Tree holds its ground as cold temps help form an ice wall against the waves.


A fresh coat of snow on the shoreline and some fresh interpretations of the landscape

A Little Joy

A long shadow is cast by the Lake Tree as the mid winter sun movers close to the horizon. Black & White


An impressionist interpretation of the Lake Tree as it fights to hold it's ground on a windy day.


A trail of cauliflower clouds leads to the Lake Tree. Morning, late winter


A vertical panorama of the Lake tree from its red roots to its branches in the grey, cloudy sky of winter

Life Saving

A fresh blanket of snow covers the ground  and the limbs of the Lake Tree  as you look out to the horizon of Lake Michigan.


Morning clouds form a crown around the limbs of the Lake Tree. Winter


The ice breaks up around the Lake Tree. The tree loses it's grip in the eroding beach and begins to lean.

Winter Break

Ice coats the exposed roots of the Lake Tree..


Behind the leaning Lake Tree 4 to 5 meter5 ice ridges are battered by the Lake Michigan surf. Large plumes of ice and water shoot vertically like a volcanic eruption.

The Great Wall

The base of the trunk of the Lake Tree is encrusted in a shelf of ice while the roots are exposed to the surf. Winter


A beech tree leaf lies on it's edge — held tight by a frozen pond in the foreground of the Lake Tree.


A pounding surf takes its toll on the Lake Tree — now laying on the edge of the shore. Cloudy, windy, early Spring


Looking at the rising morning sun through the branches of the fallen Lake Tree. Icicles on the roots

Spirit Tree

A time exposure of the Lake tree shows the clouds moving overhead. The base of the tree locked in ice.


The Lake Tree held and protected by a frozen line of ice that has formed because of several cold days with little wave action


A late Winter panorama of the sun setting on Lake Michigan — the Lake tree clinging to an ice ledge on shore.


The Lake Tree with its roots exposed to the waves and its branches locked in slush along the water's edge. Evening, sunset

Fire and Ice

A panorama of the shoreline at Hoffmaster State Park in the evening. The Lake tree at the water's edge with ice ridges around it. The moon is rising over the low dune bluffs

Winter Moon

A time exposure of the surf surrounding the Lake Tree which is mostlt submerged in the waters of Lake Michigan. Evening

Mourning Rush

The Trubk of the Lake Tree is covered in sand by the changing power of the waves and wind of Lake Michigan. Wispy clouds overhead. Morning

Only One

A bright sunny day on Lake Michigan shoreline as the lake Tree has collapsed and most of the roots are exposed. early evening


A bright sunny day on Lake Michigan shoreline as the lake Tree has collapsed and most of the roots are exposed. early evening

Late Day

The waters of Lake Michigan reflect the sunset. Water surrounds the fallen Lake Tree.

Tree on Fire

A time exposure of wild surf on Lake Michigan as wave crash all around The Lake Tree. Cloudy morning


A wild day on the shore. grey, big waves, The Lake tree is laid bare by the elements. Little holding it in place


The Lake Tree is stripped of it's branches by beach goers so that they can use these pieces of the tree in their own shelters

The Giving Tree

The pine tree that has survived many storms — fire and ice — still rolls in the surf at Hoffmaster State Park. The Autumn sun has set

The Lake Tree Remains

A light breeze creates cat paws on the water and and small breakers on the beach. Absent — The Lake Tree


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