Sleeping Bear Point, frost, Poplar Trees, morning, Manitou Islands

Manitou Guardians

A pastel sunrise on Pyramid Point. North Manitou Island in the distance

The Soft Sunrise

The sun's rays touch the tops of the dunes at Pyramid Point as the moon sets.

Sunrise and Moonset

Smooth sand, evening, South Manitou, Manitou Passage, grasses

Smooth Twilight

Stand by Me


Sleeping Bear Point, ridge, poplars, morning, grass, Manitou passage

Off  the Face of the Earth

A view over Sleeping Bear Point on a calm morning

Wool Blanket

Manitou Passage, Mid-day, Island, Spring, Sleeping Bear Point

Mid-Day Manitou

Ghost Forest, Sleeping Bear Point, erosion, scoured ridge, trail

Ghost Ridge

Silver Lake Sand dunes, wind, smooth, wispy cloud, dunes


fog, morning, afterglow, Sleeping Bear Point, tree tops


sun pillar, winter, sleeping Bear point, sunset

Sun Pillar

Silver Lake Sand dunes, wind, evening, ridges, shadows

Soft Edge

soft, dune, wind blow, evening, ridge


Sleeping Bear Point, lighthouse, winter, morning, passage, frost

Ridge Break

ghost forest, Silver Lake sand dunes, surreal, evening, shadows, stumps

Surreal Ghosts

Aqua, turquoise, shadow, moonlight, erosion, sand trails, Sleeping Bear

Moon Shadow

winter, Sleeping Bear Point, sun rays, wind gust, Ghost Forest, Sleeping Bear

Ghost Storm

dune ridges, winter, sand blow, clouds, Sleeping Bear, sun


Sunrise, Wild patterns, clods, earthy, Sleeping Bear Point

Broken Sunrise

Poplar leaf, patterned dune, morning, shadows, simple


scoured dune, earth colors, painted, winter, windswept, clouds move, Sleeping Bear Point


ice, Manitou Passage, Lonely tree, sunset,


Painted Bear

Toward the Manitous

Morning Blessing

A Fog sweeps in as the sun comes up on Sleeping Bear Point. Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore

The Fog Rolls In

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